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Exalted character exalted concept by Cannibalism

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Working on concept for a possible future character in Exalted rpg. Playing a Infernal Slayer of Malfeas. Being all pretty rip your arms off , throw you miles away cause your not worthy his grace. Ditto or something.
Design(c) me

Submitted on:
Nov 1, 2011 7:47:23 AM


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i cnt loin

(Male)chubbz on Apr 25, 2015 7:34:47 AM

also heard its coming off now and going to be completely dismissed in september 2015 to be substituted for technologies with better performance and safety.

(Male)Le____ on Apr 18, 2015 11:23:42 AM

how to do it: at the url bar, write chrome://flags then find the npapi activation; turn it on and restart your browser :)

(Male)Le____ on Apr 18, 2015 11:12:22 AM

ive heard about the new chrome is comming with java off by default and to fix it you need to activate 'npapi'

(Male)Le____ on Apr 18, 2015 11:10:48 AM

I know you reinstalled the Java, what about reinstall the Chrome?

(Male)Le____ on Apr 18, 2015 10:34:58 AM

intersting. I haven't seen that one before BONKS. mmm what operating system are you running and did you download the newest version of java?

(Male)cloudwolf on Apr 17, 2015 2:59:12 PM

I tried everything nothing works :/

BONKS on Apr 17, 2015 5:04:52 AM

* control panel -> programs -> java

(Male)cloudwolf on Apr 17, 2015 1:56:47 AM

if you are having issues with security. Go to your java console. Control panel -> java -> security -> exception site list add

(Male)cloudwolf on Apr 17, 2015 1:55:58 AM

lol I'm having a simmilar problem with Java, something with the security idk

catburd on Apr 16, 2015 11:05:00 PM

what exactly is the error you are getting? also for the offical java downloads

(Male)cloudwolf on Apr 16, 2015 10:35:56 AM

nothing works .-.
I re-installed and it still says the same and I can't find Java in my browsers plug-ins???

BONKS on Apr 16, 2015 4:07:11 AM

just gonna re-download Java I guess

BONKS on Apr 16, 2015 3:38:42 AM

and I am really confused where to find the real one if I have to do that

BONKS on Apr 16, 2015 3:36:39 AM

The plug-in is not supported??? what';s going on? D: it asks me to download some sort of Java Oracle

BONKS on Apr 16, 2015 3:36:37 AM
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