Exalted character exalted concept by Cannibalism

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Working on concept for a possible future character in Exalted rpg. Playing a Infernal Slayer of Malfeas. Being all pretty rip your arms off , throw you miles away cause your not worthy his grace. Ditto or something.
Design(c) me

Submitted on:
Nov 1, 2011 7:47:23 AM


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I see that the amounts of rooms shrank in my absence... :c

(Male)MrPanda on Aug 23, 2014 5:51:46 PM

Guess who's back! But not twice as ugly. c:

(Male)MrPanda on Aug 23, 2014 5:51:21 PM

I have no info. But to double check have you put as an exception in your java security settings?

(Male)cloudwolf on Aug 23, 2014 2:34:56 PM

Any news on the java updating? I have not been able to get mine to accept sketcher for a long time, and I do miss it. :C

(Female)Juggernaut on Aug 23, 2014 2:07:45 PM

Reminder: Please erase your work when you are finished or leaving. otherwise leave a Be back later tag on a piece you plan to finish later.

(Male)cloudwolf on Aug 18, 2014 10:07:42 AM

I have not been able to do it.

(Female)Juggernaut on Aug 17, 2014 4:38:38 PM

name changing has been fixed for a while already B)

Piranha on Aug 17, 2014 9:44:23 AM

also i just reread that and it was chocoemo

(Male)cloudwolf on Aug 16, 2014 9:03:15 AM

Nachos registration is working again. Name changes i don't think so.

(Male)cloudwolf on Aug 16, 2014 9:00:53 AM

Who was the lovely admin registering users in these dark, dark, times? I got a flavor to ask of ya.

(Female)Nachos on Aug 16, 2014 7:30:13 AM

Any chance we can get the name change option fixed while people are at it? I love to use AG so I am looking forward to the patching.

(Female)Juggernaut on Aug 16, 2014 5:35:31 AM

sailor mooooon! is baack. its time to make sheets load of unnecesary-tribute-to-fan arts!

pampuka on Aug 16, 2014 2:04:11 AM


(Male)graduisc on Aug 14, 2014 10:07:45 AM


(Male)Padre on Aug 12, 2014 5:50:14 AM

Chanbby! CHAN! channy ! chanchan!

(Male)Padre on Aug 12, 2014 5:43:41 AM
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