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Developments on AG

We would like to welcome Tassoline to the ArtGrounds team! He will be working closely with me to finish ArtGrounds version 3.0. His primary focus will be on PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.

TL;DR: He will be pioneering the changes to the Shoutbox so start spamming your requests to him :-D

I apologize for the issues that many of you have noticed over the past several months regarding the forums, registrations, etc. These will be fixed soon.

For those of you who are interested, we still need additional coders that are proficient in the following technologies: HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, and AJAX.

Additionally, we also need template and skin designers for the new ArtGrounds 3.0 site. Benefits of being a template/skin designer is that you can help design the "look and feel" of the site as well as try it in BETA before everyone else. Template designers must know HTML 5, CSS 3, and PHP. Skin designers only need to know how to illustrate.

I would also like to thank our wonderful staff whom are often the under-appreciated silent crusaders assisting users and keeping me in-line:


And for those of you who have stuck by us over the years, thank you. :-)


Posted on Oct 28, 2013 1:08:00 PM | 4 Comments

Happy May 4 ArtGrounds!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

ArtGrounds''' "Self Portrait" Art Collaboration!

ArtGrounds- Collaboration/Collage: Video Game Characters!

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leo, you must go to java security settings, at windows start menu, then add to allowed exceptions :)

Le____ on Sep 16, 2014 9:40:23 AM

Why wont java let me go into a room? :?

LeoKaZi on Sep 16, 2014 5:12:49 AM

Haha no I spelled it right. But indeed I'm slowly getting things back up.

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 13, 2014 8:52:55 AM

Can't tell if you intentionally wrote 'Goddess' or if you misspelled 'goodness'. Either way that's cool :o

Dumplings on Sep 13, 2014 4:45:10 AM

Goddess this is gonna take me forever to re-do everything. I think this is the last time time I do anything remotely as redoing my gallery again.

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 11, 2014 1:03:41 PM

:( my laptop won't let me run Java to access the sketch room!

Chuzzyo on Sep 10, 2014 10:23:51 PM

Hai! :3

Chuzzyo on Sep 10, 2014 10:20:51 PM

auto-drawer software AutoPixels avaible to free download in my gallery. enjoy :)

Le____ on Sep 10, 2014 9:19:49 PM

So I will re-do this yet again and hopefully it will be the last time.

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 9, 2014 7:50:00 AM

because they are so out of order and besides I have over 600+ art now so yeah...

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 9, 2014 7:47:47 AM

Actually I am prbably gonna HAVE to redo everything yet again since I found out I had stuff I don't remember and trying to sort them into sections and numbers..

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 9, 2014 7:47:15 AM

Yeaaaaah Ima follow your posts....AFTER you're finished with your art dump. <3
:3 I like your style and color palette.

(Male)MrPanda on Sep 8, 2014 5:04:39 PM

That I so did!

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 6, 2014 3:20:11 AM

and you delivered

(Male)Chanrom on Sep 5, 2014 9:51:34 PM

As promised more of my watercolors!

(Female)ShadowScapes on Sep 5, 2014 12:50:35 PM
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